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Johnson Veterinary Care is a full-service Animal Hospital.

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

An annual comprehensive (nose to tail) veterinary exam is the key ingredient to a long and healthy life. Because our pets age 6-10 years for every year a human ages the doctor's physical exam is the most important factor in disease prevention and early detection. 


Spay & Neuter



Emergency Care
We have the capability of handling emergency situations/accidents during our normal business hours. We do not offer 24hr emergency services. If you are experiencing an emergency after-hours please call the Collinsville Animal Emergency Center at
618-346-1843 or Hawthorne in Glen Carbon 618-288-3971. 


We offer both canine and feline vaccinations, see our "Resources" page for a complete list and description of these inoculations.




Dr. Johnson provides a wide range of soft-tissue surgical services including spays, neuters, cystotomy, laparotomy, laceration repair, hernia repair, etc. We will refer all other orthopedic cases to the appropriate specialist facility.


We carry BuddyID 134kHz ISO microchip that can be read by scanners globally. The cost of the chip implantation and life-time registration is approximatly $45. It is safe, no bigger than a grain of rice, or more costly than a month’s supply of pet food. A pet microchip and enrollment in a pet recovery database brings lost pets home, and provides peace of mind that your best friend will never wander unknown. To register your pet's microchip to your name and information, have your microchip number handy and click the link below, then "Register Now" in the top right corner to complete the process. You can also activate your pet's microchip by phone at: (800) 434-2843.


Behavior Consultation


Dental Care/Dental X-rays


Digital Radiology


Heartworm/Flea/Tick Prevention

Cold Laser Therapy

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